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The End of Foreplay

Mike Jones reports on the kickoff rule changes being considered by the NFL’s competition committee: The NFL’s competition committee revealed a proposal Wednesday that would move kickoffs from the 30-yard line to the 35, and on touchbacks, place the ball at … Continue reading

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Meltdown Literally

The fellow quoted at the end of this Reuters article is the CEO of a nuclear consultancy company. Considering the brainpower it must take to run a nuclear consultancy, his wild overuse of ‘literally’  stood out like a unicorn in a centaur convention. “People literally probably did not … Continue reading

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>I Wish Females Were As Loyal (After Poor Performance)

>The Redskins led the league in attendence for the 7th consecutive year. Washington drew 708,952, followed by the New York Giants (628,925), Kansas City (624,171) and the New York Jets (618,563). Washington also led the league in total attendance, home … Continue reading

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>Nice Guys Finish Last

>Congrats to the good guy, Sean Taylor, who has been named one of S.I.’s 10 most controversial football players. Taylor has had legal problems since entering the NFL. He faced felony assault charges from a 2005 incident in Miami, but … Continue reading

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>A Rumor That Doesn’t Involve Britney Spear’s Drug Habits (psst, it was heroin)

>WaPo’s Jason La Canfora reports that new Bronco corner Dre Bly would rather be a Redskin. Numerous league sources, including several who have spoken with Denver cornerback Dre’ Bly, said that the player is miffed that he was dealt to … Continue reading

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>Same Case for Art Monk, New Way of Making It

>This post is looooong. If you’re interested in reading it, click here. Once there you may want to just print the thing out. I could’ve made a .pdf in a pleasant looking, easy to read format, but I could’ve not … Continue reading

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>How to take it like a champ…Cleveland-style

>Team signs star, homegrown center…star center gets hurt before season begins…more surgery now required that may end not only star center’s next season, but possibly entire career. The fans of the (insert team) by now are raging in unison; a … Continue reading

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