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Murder and Punting

And he planned on getting away with it how exactly? Former Northern Colorado backup is accused of stabbing starter: Mitch Cozad, a former Northern Colorado backup punter accused of stabbing starter Rafael Mendoza, pleaded not guilty Monday in Greeley, Colo., … Continue reading

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>Nice Guys Finish Last

>Congrats to the good guy, Sean Taylor, who has been named one of S.I.’s 10 most controversial football players. Taylor has had legal problems since entering the NFL. He faced felony assault charges from a 2005 incident in Miami, but … Continue reading

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>Those Rapscallions And Their Orange Ball

>NBA All-Star Game = Crime. This is the new meme. Or, for some, it’s just another case of ‘nothing to see here, move right along.’ Once again, it’s just the sports media overreacting and non-reacting and creating a vast gulf … Continue reading

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