>A Rumor That Doesn’t Involve Britney Spear’s Drug Habits (psst, it was heroin)

>WaPo’s Jason La Canfora reports that new Bronco corner Dre Bly would rather be a Redskin.

Numerous league sources, including several who have spoken with Denver cornerback Dre’ Bly, said that the player is miffed that he was dealt to the Broncos last week instead of Washington. As I have reported, the Redskins were deep into trade and subsequent contract talks with Bly – a Detroit Lion at the time – and were dangling cornerback Shawn Springs in discussions with those teams.

I’m all for it. Sprigs is a solid corner, no doubt, but his frequently tattered groin is far from solid and I wouldn’t mind watching him hobble out of Washington.

My only concern with Bly is that a guy who once publicly bashed his teammates, could be prone to do it again:

“If we’d had production on offense, in particular the quarterback position, Mooch wouldn’t have been fired…We’re all at fault, but I just feel like Joey [Harrington]’s been here four years, and being the No. 3 pick in the draft, he hasn’t given us anything, He hasn’t given us what the third pick in the draft should give us.”

In the chemistry conscious NFL it’s doubtful that a guy who’s unhappy with his situation would be kept in that situation, especially when he’s filling the shoes of a well-liked and recently deceased player. I expect this to happen.

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