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Wear That Wristband, Boy?

Because Redskins offseason dysfunction is newsworthy like an OJ Simpson quote on a nubile blonde abductee eaten by a Muslim’s pet alligator, it’s no wonder the story that McNabb’s refusal to don a playbook wristband lead to his benching has … Continue reading

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>NBA Refs Burn Crosses

>In white robes. That’s the implication of a new study finding that black players get called for fouls more often when refed by an all white crew in the NBA. “Across all of these specifications,” they write, “we find that … Continue reading

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>Comedian Eddie Griffin on crashing a rare Ferrari Enzo while practicing for an upcoming charity race — “Undercover Brother’s good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brother can’t drive.”

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>Wlibon & LeBron, Redux

>… Let me reiterate my point from the last post. I think LeBron James has a more stable household for which to rear children than Matt Leinart and Tom Brady; Leinart is a known hard partier and promiscuous young buck … Continue reading

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>Defending the Indefensible…

>…at least if I was defending Tookie Williams or Mumia Abu-Jamal I’d get some sort of credit in various political circles; but alas, it’s Rush Limbaugh and you don’t get credit for that sort of thing. I find it laughable, … Continue reading

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