One Does Not Two Make

Sports Journalism for/by Dummies

One guy hears one thing. (“I’m hearing the Redskins are the front-runner for [Vince Young’s] services”)

Said thing is repeatedand repeatedand repeated as reportable info.

And since it’s tough to tell the echos from the originating voice it sounds as though more than one source is making the claim. Just like that a rumor becomes rumors.

Take it away Pro Football Weekly:

The growing rumors of Titans QB Vince Young to the Redskins are coursing their way through the NFL, but one Redskins source claims he hasn’t heard that being touted as head coach Mike Shanahan’s master plan. “News to me,” the source said, neither ruling out adding Young nor giving it much credence.

10 points to Pro Football Weekly for attempting to verify a rumor; 22 for reporting on their inability to do so.

-12 points for calling the singular rumor the plural rumors.

And a whopping -57 points for their stop-the-presses headline:

Young might not be lock in D.C.

That whisper hitting Omar Kelly’s inner ear? That my friends was a lock.

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