>How to take it like a champ…Cleveland-style

>Team signs star, homegrown center…star center gets hurt before season begins…more surgery now required that may end not only star center’s next season, but possibly entire career.

The fans of the (insert team) by now are raging in unison; a smoldering caulderon of cheated feelings and ‘what the fuck’s?!?’ burn well into the upcoming season, lamenting on the disaster at every possible moment a discussion arises.

Yeah…maybe…but not in Cleveland.

LeCharles Bentley’s blown up knee and pending disaster is just another pothole fallen through on the tattered road the Browns’ ass-pulled rickshaw has been traversing in, oh, the past four decades. Better yet, not only have we inertly accepted this latest news, we’ve basically already concluded his career is smoked. Well, unless he gets let go, then we will all witness a resurrection tantamount to that of Jesus Christ.

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams stretches not through the glitz and glamour of southern California my friends, that treacherous pass resides along the Lake Erie shore. Beaten yet again, yes, though defeated, never.

What doesn’t kill (again) you makes you stronger(right?)…GO BROWNS!!!

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