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>Time to add another sports-ism to the list of sports-isms that we hate. This list includes the oft-used “This team just isn’t built for 3rd and long”…because we all know that the goal of every GM is to make a … Continue reading

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>He Will?

>I realize that Barry Bonds — in all statistical likelihood (despite him only hitting 25 dingers last year) — will break Hank Aaron’s all-time HR record, but given that injuries do in fact happen, and sometimes result in missing multiple … Continue reading

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>Those Rapscallions And Their Orange Ball

>NBA All-Star Game = Crime. This is the new meme. Or, for some, it’s just another case of ‘nothing to see here, move right along.’ Once again, it’s just the sports media overreacting and non-reacting and creating a vast gulf … Continue reading

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>ESPN: Now With 25% Less Suck

>Michael Irvin (snort) has received the ax from ESPN, being replaced by the Tuna. Happy trails, Mike! It’s a long a lonely road so pack accordingly, you know, like with foil, a lighter and your friend’s crack pipe. I also … Continue reading

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>You’re Going To Shower With Him, And You’re Going To Like It

>I caught Tim Hardaway’s (relation to the former ‘Next MJ’ Penny Hardaway?) comments about THE FIRST OPENLY GAY NBA PLAYER EVER John Amechi’s gayness. How do you deal with a gay teammate? “First of all, I wouldn’t want him on … Continue reading

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