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>Old man face

> Enough about sports, we should talk a bout a serious illness that strikes one in every ten adult males. It’s called “Old man face” (not very creative name I know) and it is quitely among the top conditions in … Continue reading

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>Time to add another sports-ism to the list of sports-isms that we hate. This list includes the oft-used “This team just isn’t built for 3rd and long”…because we all know that the goal of every GM is to make a … Continue reading

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>NBA Refs Burn Crosses

>In white robes. That’s the implication of a new study finding that black players get called for fouls more often when refed by an all white crew in the NBA. “Across all of these specifications,” they write, “we find that … Continue reading

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>Those Rapscallions And Their Orange Ball

>NBA All-Star Game = Crime. This is the new meme. Or, for some, it’s just another case of ‘nothing to see here, move right along.’ Once again, it’s just the sports media overreacting and non-reacting and creating a vast gulf … Continue reading

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