>Same Case for Art Monk, New Way of Making It

>This post is looooong. If you’re interested in reading it, click here.
Once there you may want to just print the thing out. I could’ve made a .pdf in a pleasant looking, easy to read format, but I could’ve not and given those choices I went with not. Here’s a teaser intro:

As sporting history expands, so expands the list of sport’s ‘What the hell’ moments;
Cubs: What the hell part of his arm is hurt?
John Daly: What the hell are these clubs for again?
Chargers: Ryan Leaf? What the hell were we thinking?
Mike Tyson: What the hell is on my face?

Recent history has also unkindly granted the Washington Redskins a WTHM, as former coaches, players and millions of fans rally behind one question: What the hell is keeping Art Monk out of the Hall of Fame?

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