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Wear That Wristband, Boy?

Because Redskins offseason dysfunction is newsworthy like an OJ Simpson quote on a nubile blonde abductee eaten by a Muslim’s pet alligator, it’s no wonder the story that McNabb’s refusal to don a playbook wristband lead to his benching has … Continue reading

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I Meme, You Meme

President Obama’s awesome, in part self-congratualatory, announcement of bin Laden’s death has the unfounded ‘I he says; himself he loves’ meme flowing from the pens of conservative political pundits once again. The fellows at the Language Log have debunked more … Continue reading

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Kitchens, Hearts and Mind.

Disregarding the tendency of political pundits to treat the President as sports pundits treat the QB—way too much credit, way too much blame—and overlooking the finding of fault with a President that just killed the bad guy (hey, the touchdown … Continue reading

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Import More Oil While Cutting Oil Imports

The New York Times reports on Obama’s speech before 1,000 Georgetown U students where he announced a flashy new goal (the way this admin serves up new goals I’d hate to be the staffer responsible for keeping up the goal … Continue reading

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This Just Fluff

Credit due to award-winning sportswriter, author, screenwriter, and yahoo-sports columnist Dan Wetzel, the guy can churn out decent quality work like an Amish kid┬ácompleting his morning chores on meth.┬áDan actually just wrote seven articles in the time it took me … Continue reading

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