>You Want Him? You Can Freaking Have Him

>According to the Chi Trib, Adam Trashuleta may be heading to the windy city next year. I’ll provide the kite my friend, happy sailing.

After what he went through last season in Washington, Archuleta may be willing to pay his way here.

The Redskins outbid the Bears and a phone-calling, lobbying Lovie Smith with a six-year deal worth $30 million, including $10 million guaranteed.

It was a disaster.(ed: catastrophe)

Archuleta, one of Smith’s favorites when the two were together in St. Louis, claimed in December he was lied to by Washington coaches. He played perhaps 10 snaps on defense over the last half of the season and is likely to be cut March 1.

A new rule allows Archuleta to hit the market at the outset of free agency, the Redskins to be rid of early what became a ridiculously expensive fourth-string safety and the Bears to move quickly as Angelo has done in the past on signing targets.

In other news; Lavar Arrington has been cut by the Giants. Tough break he had, getting hurt and all, and he’s a very likable guy; I just wish he’d have opened his playbook every once in a while.

Lastly, how about that Marty Schotenfire? It’s tough to justify that decision at 14-2, it’s obviously a feeble attempt to reconcile the losses of Wade Phillips and Cam Cameron, starting a coaching staff from scratch, top down. Where ever Marty lands the team should have an abundance of these placed around the locker room.

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