Wear That Wristband, Boy?

Because Redskins offseason dysfunction is newsworthy like an OJ Simpson quote on a nubile blonde abductee eaten by a Muslim’s pet alligator, it’s no wonder the story that McNabb’s refusal to don a playbook wristband lead to his benching has generated wall-to-wall blogosphere coverage.

Among the tons of chatter is this nugget at Shutdown Corner:

I sort of feel sorry for McNabb this week. He’s been called out by a boxer for not being black enough and now he’s the subject of a story with heavy racial undertones that insinuates he’s not intelligent enough. It’s a no-win situation.

Heavy racial undertones? Seriously?

So because McNabb is black and because the historical paucity of black QBs is most often attributed to the still promulgated (though curiously undocumented) belief that blacks, supposedly due to lower IQs, can’t learn a playbook or lead a team this story has heavy racial undertones?

In the same story Chris Chase contrasts McNabb’s refusal to shed vanity to the detriment of his performance to President Obama’s well-documented reliance on telepromters:

There’s a point when vanity has to be sacrificed for the sake of performance…Carrying around a teleprompter like a security blanket doesn’t enhance Barack Obama’s image, but it’s much better than stumbling over words in a policy speech.

HEAVY RACIAL UNDERTONES ALERT! Obama is black and the stereotype that blacks use poor english when speaking is alive and well, ipso facto Chase’s remark has racial undertones. Gotcha, you racist scum!

I propose a cousin to the golden rule; abjuring racially inspired color choices and alluding to the predominate hue of most athletic fields this rule will be henceforth known as the green rule. The green rule states that reporters should treat sporting news for a black player as they would treat the same news for a white player (and vice-versa).

In practice: If a white Redskins QB refused to wear a playbook wristband and was subsequently benched, would it be news? Yes. Would commentary on the news imply that the story had racial undertones? No.

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