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Bombs & Jokes

Sunday’s WaPo digital front page: Advertisements

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Inconsequential Wrongness

I feel obliged to point this New York Times correction out for three reasons: 1. The writer of this video game review – yes, video game review – opens the review by ripping baseball superfans. Yes, the professional video game … Continue reading

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False Choice Rightness, Writing Badness

I’m glad that, as part of my Saturday morning routine of following him wherever he points, Insty led me to Ruth Marcus’ anti-false choice wapo article; it gave me a chance to nit-pick an article to death, one of my favorite blogging pastimes: As a rhetorical device, … Continue reading

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Force-Placed in Hell

Here’s an excellent exposé on the apparent nightmare that is force-placed insurance. Right here. I know someone currently under the high priced thumb of force-placed insurance and they say it’s awesome. They tell me that they’re way happy paying 3x … Continue reading

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All the News That’s Fit to be Anonymously Sourced

Bill Keller is using his column to defend his dinosaur again. If you’ve tired lately of him showing off his black belt in self-defense, have no fear; he assures us that his intent is not use his column exclusively as … Continue reading

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