It Was A Short Film

Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel claims the Skins may want Vince Young. He also says about the Dolphins QB sitch:

I’ve consistently said (since January that) Denver’s Kyle Orton would be my first choice for the Dolphins, but the price the Broncos will be asking has me concerned. John Elway doesn’t seem too excited about Tim Tebow, or is he just trying to drive up Orton’s price.

I’ve been told Kevin Kolb would be the option that fits the best, but I’ve done the film work on Kolb and it’s a bit concerning. He checks down plenty, and doesn’t have a big enough body of work. So the max I’d give up for Kolb is a second-round pick.

Before I point out what I wrote this post to point out, let me ask you if digital editors are much lower on the org chart at newspapers or if everyone just writes digital articles/posts from their iPhones? The first paragraph appears to have two obvious typos, which, sure, they’re just typos, but for God’s sake it’s an actual newspaper (albeit a blog on a newspaper; some slop is to be expected) where someone is getting paid expressly to heal the wounds of sloppy fingers.

What actually caught my eye is in paragraph two, re: Kolb.

I’ve done the film work on Kolb and it’s a bit concerning.

I have not. I’m going to have to trust you on this one. Could you at least clue me in to your concerns?

He checks down plenty, and doesn’t have a big enough body of work.

Wait, the film concerned you because there wasn’t enough of it? Why didn’t you just say that instead of trying to claim that since you watched the film you have special “expert” insight on Kolb’s pigskin chucking ability?

Then he goes on to say he’d take Vince Young on account of his record, unfortunately for Fins fans, he says, the Redskins are first in line for Vince. Claims he heard it somewhere. I claim bullshit.

I’m dubious of “I heard”, more dubious of arguing that a player’s record is indcative of his talent at the position. You’d think a guy covering the Fins (Marino clearly wasn’t better than Trent Dilfer, Dilfer has a ring.) would share my view.

It’s true, Vince Young has a great win % as the Titans starter (near 75%), and Collins, same team, same years, was under 50%.

Still, by no statistical metric does Young appear to be anything more than an average, maybe slightly above average QB. I don’t see, especially on a team lacking the league’s best rusher, how he’ll suddenly become one.

Of course, the best part of “look at his record” arguments is that almost inevitably a QB will have a lower number on the win side one season, at that point you can bet whoever encouraged you to just look at the record will encourage you to ignore it.

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