On Crying Babies

At least one person supports David Ferrer’s decision to send a tennis ball flying towards a crying baby in an attempt to shut the baby up:

There are places a crying baby just doesn’t belong. Tennis match? Yep. Any Sporting Event for that matter? Yep. Movie Theater? Yep. Bar? Yep. The list goes on and on yet you see this shit all the time. Note to parents that allow this: shut your fucking kid up. If its annoying to you (which we all know it is), imagine how annoyed others are when its not even their kid. If more people just called out the parent at fault like Ferrer did, we wouldn’t have problems like this. Ferrer a true hero and should be commended for this actions.

There are also places no self-repecting sports fan belongs at, like tennis matches.

I understand the sentiment. Crying babies in movie theaters, restaurants, meetings, ceremonies—pretty much any event that a parent can get up and walk out of—are disruptive as hell. All those places should be considered crying baby free zones.

But ‘calling a parent out’ for their baby crying in an environment the parent can’t just up and leave is like calling out another blogger for him thinking that sporting event and movie theater are proper nouns: It does nothing to fix the problem and makes you a nosey asshole.

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One Response to On Crying Babies

  1. grant says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for proving my point. By pointing out my mistakes in your post, I took action by going back to edit the errors. So by calling me out you did fix the problem just as Ferrer did with the crying baby. Sometimes you need to be an asshole to get things done.

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