Inconsequential Wrongness

I feel obliged to point this New York Times correction out for three reasons:

1. The writer of this video game review – yes, video game review – opens the review by ripping baseball superfans. Yes, the professional video game reviewer, which, I assume requires sitting on your ass and playing lots of video games or sitting on your ass and writing about the video games you just played lots of, writes that the baseball fan he finds terrifying “is that geeky-looking dude in the stands — or, even scarier, on his couch at home — who keeps a scorecard to tally every play.”

2. The joke was that stat heads pay way too much attention to baseball. Remember this point: Paying lots of attention to baseball is stupid/scary.

3. The New York Times is a) the New York Times and b) covers the New York Yankees.

The correction: A picture caption on Thursday with a video game review of MLB 11: The Show from Sony misidentified, using incorrect information from the company, the Yankees player shown pursuing a ball in an image from the game. He is Brett Gardner, not his teammate Phil Hughes.

Regardless of what the company supplied, here should’ve been a big clue to the paper of record, that covers the Yankees and was about to print an article calling people who pay attention to baseball scary, that the info was wrong.


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