Kim Scott of Edgewater, Florida, Takes Bold Stand Against Childhood

This is the stupidest idea ever: HOA Wants Kids Banned From Playing Outside.

Says HOA board member Kim Scott of Edgewater, Florida:

They came in and rented (a home) in a community that does not have a playground and is not conducive to children. Then they expect the children to play in the driveways and parking lot. You wouldn’t see them playing the parking lot at Walmart or Kmart, but they come here and turn the children loose.

Dear Kim Scott: If families lived at Walmart or Kmart you would in fact see children playing in the fucking parking lots. Children play, wherever they live. It’s akin to saying, “Kim Scott, you wouldn’t sleep at Walmart so why the hell are you sleeping in your townhouse at Persimmon Place?”

Kim Scott went on to say “A child conducive community looks like a Chuck-E-Cheese. Persimmon Place isn’t Chuck-E-Cheese. We’re Kmart. Most of us bought a Persimmon Place townhouse because we love Kmart and hate children. If someone out there is considering buying a Persimmon Place townhouse and found this quote via Google search, please listen to me, Kim Scott: You better love Kmart and hate childhood. If you move in under different pretenses I, Kim Scott, will burn your house down.”

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One Response to Kim Scott of Edgewater, Florida, Takes Bold Stand Against Childhood

  1. Anne Dicureia says:

    Why would anyone with kids move to a place that doesn’t have kid friendly stuff around Seems pretty selfish anyway. Kids are o.k. as long as they’re not a bother and their parents or parent is watching them which is sadly most often not the case and so therefore it ends up not being fair to
    everyone else. Maybe a recreation center would be in order so everyone can be happy. You can’t expect them to play indoors all day !

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