No Fun League

Over at NFL Too Sensitive?—nice niche blog BTW. I once had a niche blog devoted to Gus Frerotte Neck Injury Awareness but it was short lived like an unstable element taking part in an electron orgy on popular club-drug electronsy—they were asking, as they are wont to do over there: Is the NFL too sensitive?

I jumped in the comments with a game of ‘state your superlative, go!’ and figured I’d reproduce the comment/game over here:

Worst three safety rules, go!:

3. Late hit almost out-of-bounds. Because Michael Vick is so slow that him stepping towards the sideline is pretty much the same as him being there already.

2. Hit to QB head. Because everyone knows that DL/DBs pretend to bat passes when they’re actually trying to smash the QB’s skull.

1. Hit to defenseless receiver. Because cornerbacks should only try to break up pass plays if they are absolutely sure the catch will be made.

State yours, go!

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2 Responses to No Fun League

  1. jonpass says:

    Excessive celebration.
    Ochocinco could burn the joint down with those moves. Ahh, too hot! Too hot!

    (I also like the “horse collar,” “no rolling toward the qb’s feet,” and my personal fave, “leading with the helmet.” Wow.)

    • Eric says:

      I’m less anti-horse collar than you but I forgot about the rolling at the QB feet/leg call. That probably overtakes near late hit out-of-bounds. On the other hand I feel like Laron has racked himself up some near late hits so it has an extra special place in the hateful part of my heart.

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