From the twenty (five?)

You know what would make pro football more exciting?

Personally, my automatic answer to that question has always been: “Duh … More touchbacks!”

Most of you have by now heard about the No-Frick’n-Sense-League’s new rule to move kickoffs up from the 30 yard line to the 35. I was pissing and moaning to myself about the subject this morning as I shook the cobwebs off another kielbasa-induced fever dream only to find that, as usual, had eloquently expressed my thoughts before I even had them.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the magical Kingdom of Areyouserious, the NCAA is discussing moving the three-point line up to just inside the charity stripe to make it a little more manageable offensively. Because if there’s one thing the wide world of professional sports doesn’t need, it’s more guys like Reggie Miller and Ray Allen coming down the pipeline. Never mind the Dave Meggetts, Devin Hesters, and — career over — Brandon Bankseses of the world.

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