This Just Fluff

Credit due to award-winning sportswriter, author, screenwriter, and yahoo-sports columnist Dan Wetzel, the guy can churn out decent quality work like an Amish kid completing his morning chores on meth. Dan actually just wrote seven articles in the time it took me to write that one sentence.

Still, is the yahoo-blog readership so starved for sports news that he must pen such fluff as this: President proves to be hoops guru?

The worst thing about this particular brand of so-comfy-you-could-sleep-on-it fluff is the disconnect between the headline writer and Wetzel’s column. On the President’s guru-osity Wetzel says:

Actually, Obama’s selections may suggest he isn’t that devout a fan. His picks were overwhelmingly for name programs and favorites – simply following the seedings of the selection committee.

Oh. But I thought you said he was a guru?

One awesome thing about this piece is it’s versatility. It’ll actually be rerunning in Housewife’s Weekly (my wife is a subscriber) with just a few tweaks:

 While it might be cool to work at home, be glad Mrs. Jones isn’t in your office pool.

She just went a blistering 29-3 in the first round.

While millions of Americans have had their brackets busted, Jones’ is almost perfectly intact after two days of play.

She has ridden a wave of success from favorites that have mostly robbed the vaunted tournament of its signature small-school upsets but proven money for those, such as Mrs. Jones, who picked few upsets and based her bracket largely on seedings and mascots.
“I hate spiders. I don’t care if Richmond’s run takes my money. I can’t root for spiders and I can always take ten more bucks from my husband’s wallet.”

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