All-Star Naz

Peter Gammons on why the AL has won 9 in a row: “People talk about the Jeter effect: he’s been in 8 All-Star games and never lost.”

This quote was inspired in large part from a Jim Leland comment made after the game. Leland said he looked over at Jeter in the 7th to find him mega-intense paying attention to the game, even though he was riding pine, which, Leland said, was good for the AL. It’s true, without Jeter paying close attention the AL guys would’ve started dicking off and speaking in Spanish and Orlando on the NL would’ve never flied out to end the game with the bases juiced.

So just to be clear: Jeter, who went O-for and made zero contribution in the field willed his team to victory. He just wanted it more than everyone else. In fact, would you believe in the past eight years no one has wanted to win more than him? And if they did they certainly didn’t channel this pure willpower into victories like Jeter has.

If I were Jeter I would stop wasting this awesome ability to will the AL to victory in All-Star games and start willing the Yanks to win the big one. But that’s just me.

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