>Wlibon & LeBron, Redux


Let me reiterate my point from the last post.

I think LeBron James has a more stable household for which to rear children than Matt Leinart and Tom Brady; Leinart is a known hard partier and promiscuous young buck and Brady (who’s no longer with his baby’s momma) gets around like he was a 2-Pac song. LeBron has the same baby’s momma for both kids, is still with her and is, by all accounts, an excellent father.

That said, my point was this: out of wedlock children have increased steadily since the ’30s and have skyrocketed since the 90’s. All ethnic groups are effected by this issue but in the black community this is a far greater problem (44% greater) than white community, ergo, black role models may have more of a responsibility than white role models to speak out and be positive influences to young black men. More examples of this would be:

Gay men having a greater responsibility to speak of regular AIDs testing and the need for safe sex(70% of all HIV/AIDS cases are from men who have sex with men)

White communities speaking out on skin cancer prevention (3 of 5 skins cancer cases are caucasian)

Women speaking about the need for regular mammograms

Excreta, and so forth.

It’s not that a black baby out of wedlock is any different than a white baby out of wedlock — they’re the same — but given the percentages, prevention efforts may be better geared toward blacks, and LeBron James and other black role models are very much a part of those efforts.


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