>Devil Ray Insanity…

>A wise man once told me the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Though I love the D-rays,I do think what they are doing is insane. Yes they do have an amazing outfield, and Scott Kazmir is arguably one of the best young talents in the game, but who else is there? Each year, the Devil rays spend less and less money on their team and somehow expect to climb out of that last spot. Here, let me save you the hassle guys….

Baseball is about money. Everything about the sport today, is about money. The teams that finish atop their divisions each year are almost always the ones that shell out money to their players. Now don’t get me wrong, those Minnesota Twins and Oakland Athletics always seem to find their way into the postseason wby reaping the benefits of excellent farm systems. However, those are only two teams. If you think the Yankees or Red Sox would be where they are today without spending money your sadly mistaken. You see, these teams, though I don’t agree what they are doing to the sport are actually treat their team like a business and not some f*cking circus. In case you dont know what I’m talking about, heres how it went down last year.

The devil rays last year instead of taking ownership of their lack of payroll, cleaned house. Trading away up and coming talents like Julio Lugo and Aubrey Huff, both who are not even close to all-stars but with the right amount of time, could have been solid baseball players. No instead of spending money, they focused on “cleaning up” Tropicana field and installing a f*cking devil ray tank in center field; deciding not to focus on winning games or spending money on the leauges absolute worst bullpen. What they are doing with that team is disrespectful to the fans and the whole Tampa Bay area. This year, change that stupid motto “We come to play” to something more along the lines of “We come to win”. Until then, I will be waiting for those six dollar beach seats and dollar beers at the Friday night games.

ahh man i can taste the beer already.

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