>Jon Bon Jovi: Bandwagoneer

>I was watching an infomercial tonight, actually it was ESPN Duece’s wall-to-wall Arena League coverage, but really it was one gianormous promo. Cha-freaking-ching.

At one point Bon Jovi did an interview about his ownership of the Philly Soul, yadda, yadda, and they wrapped it up asking who his football heros were growing up.

Jon said something like “I’m a Giants fan, always been a Giants fan and always gonna be a Giants fan. You know, guy like Simms and Bavaro, those are the guys I watched growing up.”

Now I’m a grade-A asshole to even notice this stuff but I thought to myself, man, Jon BJ is like 84 and he could only say two guys that played in the 80’s?

I double checked and sure enough Jon BJ was born in ’62, Simms really started playing in ’84 and Bavara started in ’85. That means Jon BJ began “growing up” at age 22.

Whatever. The Giants were losers Jovi’s entire childhood, and he missed out on the Huff and Gifford years. Still, his fandom oddly coincides with a little thing I like to call winning 2 Super Bowls.

Jon Bon Jovi: Bandwagoneer.

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One Response to >Jon Bon Jovi: Bandwagoneer

  1. Abznaz says:

    >little fun fact: In addition to be an asshole, Jon Bon Jovi ruined 80’s music as we know it…

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