>Which Two At The Ballgame?

>A lot of random people have stumbled across the blog lately, but have stumbled out just as fast — as if they’d walked in on Rosanne Barr changing her week old undies. Faster even because, admit it, you’d steal a second glance at Rosanne, I know I would.

So in an attempt to foster discussion and keep people a few minutes, after which they’ll be overcome with a strange urge to cheer for a certain football team from Washington D.C., I ask this:

You’re at a ballgame and can only buy two items from concessions; which two do you choose and in what innings?

Assuming temperature (too hot or cold) isn’t a factor I’d have to go with a mondo beer in the top of the third and a foot long at the bottom of the 4th. Or maybe another mondo beer. OK I’m officially changing it to two mondo beers coupled with a secret stash of peanuts. And I can do that because I made up the rules.

A GOOD STORY relating to secret stashes happened on a trip to FedEx field. My brother and I each put a ration of pistachio nuts in the small of our backs. Bro-hon went first through the always rigorous security and he almost made it undiscovered, but the yellow shirt curled his pat-down around to include the back, finding and pulling out the pistachios. The security guy held the bag up in front of my brother’s face, and my brother said straight faced “I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to bring those in.”

SCOTT POINTS OUT in the comments that I put the pistachios in my shoes to sneak in. That didn’t feel so hot for walking to the seats but once there it was foot flavored deliciousness!

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4 Responses to >Which Two At The Ballgame?

  1. Scott says:

    >I’m cheap so I eat a lot of food before the game and get nothing during the game. But if I must buy food I’d get a bucket of fries before the 4th inning started and then a hot dog around the end of the 6th but only if they sell the foot long dogs. If no foot longs, then ice cream is always good.That was a fun day at FedEx field. I can’t believe you put them in your shoe and ate them once we got inside.

  2. Scott says:

    >Are other people actually reading this blog. I feel like I am the only one. Is Jon still on planet Earth? Will he be over on the gulf side for any of my games so I can see the guy?

  3. Abznaz says:

    >Im always a fan of one of the mondo beers and if i have to eat some food at a game, its gotta be a soft pretzel….

  4. Abznaz says:

    >Im always a fan of one of the mondo beers and if i have to eat some food at a game, its gotta be a soft pretzel….

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