>Chief Illiniwek, We Bid You Adieu

>Ok ok ok…I think we’ve heard this “You stole, raped, and murdered our land and people” bit for quite long enough. Come on Natives, it’s played out. Think of it this way…we didn’t “take” your land, we “gave” you some great reservations! No, not reservations, resorts. Seriously, you really think we wanted to just give up the prime real estate in hotbeds like South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada…? So the government wants to give you new neighbors sometimes, like nuclear waste. See it as an investment.

Seriously though, while I do definitely understand the argument given the history of our country and then being used as a mascot, perhaps it can be seen as a case of “any publicity is good publicity.” A stretch? Massively. But the heritages of these different tribes and peoples are being recognized at least, albeit in a very small way. If it weren’t for schools/teams with mascots like the Illini, Chippawas, Seminoles, etc. millions of people would most likely not even know these tribes existed. Again, a strong argument it is not. But is it something positive? I think a little.

This may not be very P.C., but when are all the relatives of Cowboys, Steelers, 49ers and the like going to rise up and bemoan the deameaning portrayal brought on from years of mascotdom?

Oh well…good night and good luck fellow Big Ten’ers, I’m sure another mascot will suit you and your state well…perhaps the Fighting Butkus’s

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One Response to >Chief Illiniwek, We Bid You Adieu

  1. Eric says:

    >I’m pretty sure that the Seminole Tribe came out in favor of Fla St. rocking their shit.The South Dakota Fighting Souix recently changed their mascot — despite the logo having been designed and agreed upon by the Souix tribe. If the Redskins ever change, I’ll eat my own arm.

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