>Best Sports Related Quotes of All-Time….GO!

>”Because I couldn’t go for three…” — Woody Hayes on why he went for 2 at the end of a 50-14 cockslapping of Michigan in 1968 (We don’t give a damn about the WHOLE state of Michigan, the WHOLE state of Michigan, the….)

“Don’t give up, don’t ever give up” — Jim Valvano ESPY speech (I still get a little choked up seeing that)

Anything from Yogi

“If winning isn’t everything, then why do the keep score?” ++ “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up” — Vince Lambardi

“I always tell people I want to live to be 150 and they say why would you want to do that. I say, well there’s a few people I haven’t made mad yet, I want to get them. ” ++ “If God had wanted man to play soccer, He wouldn’t have given us arms. ” — Mike Ditka (Alright. Ditka vs. God in a golf match. Now, he’s a good golfer…….Ditka!)

“All of us learn to write in the second grade. Most of us go on to greater things.” —Bobby Knight speaking rather directly to his press conference audience. ++ “When my time on earth is gone, and my activities here are passed, I want they bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass!” Bobby Knight again

“If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” — No Attribution Necessary

And to finish up…the greatest journalistic pre-Super Bowl question ever OR WAS IT?…The Scene: SB XXII 1988….Washington v. Denver

“So, how long have you been a black quarterback?” — reporter Butch John to ‘Skins QB Doug Williams…..BUT!!

Judge for yourself…

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2 Responses to >Best Sports Related Quotes of All-Time….GO!

  1. neveraskedit says:

    >Once more, with passion. Butch John never asked Doug Williams how long he’s been a black quarterback. He asked, “Doug, it’s obvious you’ve been a black quarterback all your life. When did it begin to matter?” Doug apparently missed the first part of the question, the point being that Williams earned his way to the Super Bowl, that he wasn’t there based on the fact that he happened to be African American. I know Butch John, and with the upcoming SB being the 20th anniversary of The Question. I bet it would make a really funny halftime ad for some up-and-coming computer-related corporation. I don’t think you’d want Butch, who has had 5 back operations and can barely walk from place to place, but I know he’d love to be there to watch and even loan out his name. Butch, by the way, comes from the name of a baby in a John Wayne movie, and was given to him by his parents as a nickname for his his real name “Benjamin.” You might be asking at this point how I know so much about The Question, and especially Butch’s role in it. Simple. I AM Butch John and have been dealing with this for the last 20 years. And, yes, I would’ve asked the same question in the same way. So if Doug and an advertising firm are looking for a way to capitalize on this Super Bowl legend, count me in.

  2. Eric says:

    >”I know we don’t have any Dallas people here — they are the ugliest people in the world.”-Joe Gibbs, while answering questions from the crowd at Fan Appreciation Day”Hey Ced, good luck tomorrow!”- Jon, patting Bears RB Cedric Benson on his back on the eve of Super Bowl XLI, a game in which C-Bens had 2 carries, one for a fumble and one resulting in a sprained MCL.”I AM Butch John and have been dealing with this for the last 20 years.”-Butch John, responding to Dolph’s post on sports quotes.

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