>I caught the end of X-Games XI two nights ago. It’s amazing what these guys can do. Indeed. But any sport that relies on a panel of judges that can’t do the tricks in question is pretty lame-o from a competitive standpoint. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff is difficult–I once strapped on the skis (hey if Bode Miller can do it bent, right?) and turned the slopes into something similar to the Asian tsunami–but sell me videos or magazines or put it on FuelTV with punk rock and indie-rap, just don’t tell me that the guy who did 14 spins and two flips is better than the guy who did 16 and a twist. By the way, the host of the X-Games was a brother. And his outro music was Sesame St. “one of these things is not like the other..”

Last night on ESPNduece I was irate when instead of the Sun’s meeting a streak blocker in the form of Kevin Garnett, or T-Mack having a big game I was treated to arm wrestling. What? Luckily, ESPNclassico served a heaping plate of redemption showing their top 25 anger management moments; George Brett going berserk over pine tar, Zimmer getting bullied by Pedro, Tyson, Bobby Knight, Tyson, Bobby Knight and the coup-de-grace; Woody Hayes throwing a haymaker on a Clemson player during the game. Classic.

Super Bowl news is in every section of the paper. It’s great. The St. Pete Times Biz section reveals today that Anheuser Busch has dropped $250.8 mil in a 20 year period on Super Bowl ads. Pepsi comes in second with $190 mil and if I remember correctly about $170 mil of that was absolutely terrible. At some point don’t you think the people who drink Bud and Pepsi are going to continue to? Or are people sitting in front of the Coke and Pepsi in Food Lion going, “I don’t know man, those flying geese were pretty freaking sweet, better make it Pepsi.” (or John Mark Carr saying “Well, if that little girl with curly hair drinks it..”

MEANWHILE…the Wizards are blowing a 10 point lead…now missing three free throws in the last 30 seconds…Prince misses the jumper with 13 seconds left…Arenas (36 pts) ices it with 2 free throws. Game set match. 104 – 99

UPDATE: I caught a Caron Butler interview after the game; the guy dropped 11 “You know”s in answering one question. Wow. Also the Wizards need a name change now, before the playoffs. I propose to have the players vote on it like little league soccer where yellow meant Yellow Jackets, green meant Hurricanes, etc..

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  1. Scott says:

    >How in the world do you get a snowmobile to flip? Spring Training baseball is less then a month away. Does anyone want to see Barry break the record? I don’t. Will the Nationals win more then 50 games this season?

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